Happy Mondays.

Happy Mondays at onetonne

When this business started it was an escape pod to get away from the kind of work I could not be proud of, and a vehicle to do awesome work and have fun. But lately it’s started being a bit of a grind. There’s a lot of work which, don’t get me wrong, is a great thing – but I’m losing the excitement I used to have about all the creative projects that were queueing up in the back of my mind.

There is a habit amongst business owners to set their objectives and then go hell-for-leather to try and achieve them. The thing is, the goals are achieved but they often sail by without a drop of recognition or reflection. This contributes to that feeling of being on an endless treadmill where you’re perpetually busy. I’m convinced this is bad for business as much as it’s bad for the business owners. The book the The E-Myth Revisited touches on this, but the solution presented is to scale and remove yourself from the business.

You make time in your life for things that are important and you prioritise things in your business too. I think that’s only natural. It’s bloody hard to do the stuff that you know you’re supposed to do when things get stressful and busy. In a given day there’s such a volume of communication (digital or otherwise) that it can get hard to balance the priorities fairly so that every client gets the best possible experience and service.

There’s a whole movement of lifehacking where people actively seek ways to more effectively manage the mess and noise. There is however, only so much you can do in terms of productivity tools and lifehacks when you run up against the hard limit of a what a person can productively achieve in a given work week. That also neglects the question of whether people should be working at such a high level all the time.

Pressure and competing priorities are caustic – they strip the joy from your work and although it sometimes results in impressive quantities of work, it might not always be the best quality.

On average I think we do ok, but given the chance, why would we not find ways to make it as enjoyable as possible? Is that even a question? It’s not. We each have the obligation to ourselves, our clients, our co-workers and our families to be the best, most productive, happiest version of ourselves we can be.

Well, I think I have that chance. Everyone at the office agrees, so we’re all setting aside Mondays – Happy Mondays to be precise. They are now sacred and we will treat them like they are spun gold.

The reason for this is two-fold:

1. Staying on top of a business requires time set aside to do this. The eating-your-greens part of the running the business always suffers when things get busy and we believe that’s actually really important to the long term health of any business. For us at least, dig in, it’s broccoli time.

2. Protecting our mojo. We need to look after our creativity. That means having time set aside for injecting extra love in projects that need it, or just creating new and beautiful things. Doing this helps us be better creatives and we’re convinced that will payoff – happy creatives are effective and efficient workers.

We’d love to see you join us on Happy Mondays.

Clients: We love you and if you have an emergency, rest assured, we will still look after you.