5 Years.

So … I’ve been self employed for 5 years.

A few ups and a few downs, but on balance, a pretty awesome time so far. I can’t imagine working for anyone else. It’s weird as early on you always feel like you’re an imposter and “the fun police” are going to take away the business from you. A little bit later, you just come to have faith in yourself and that the phone will keep ringing, the jobs will keep coming in and that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing right now.

I just want to reassure you, anyone can do this. If you want take the risk, the rewards are a pretty great. The risk is probably greater in your mind than it is in reality. It allows you to make choices that prioritise happiness and and fulfilment instead of chasing dollars and feeling like you’re a cog in someone else’s machine. I still make plenty of mistakes and have stressful days, but I also have autonomy and a sense that I’m carving my own niche being me, doing what I most want to do.

Main objectives for this year are to finish my home studio, finally get my letterpress gear fully operational after years of tinkering away at the edges and hopefully trying out a few small business ideas (outside of design) for myself too.


P.S If you’ve ever thought about starting your own thing, and are too scared to do it, feel stuck, or whatever, give me a hoy and I’ll talk you through it and give you honest feedback and next steps. (No obligation, I’m pretty busy anyway – just an open offer to help you find your feet if you want to go down this path).